A Conversation About Daily Simple Things with FAROstore

Sira Lobo and I had a chance to catch up and chat about her design philosophy, future plans, and the simple things in life. A textile designer from Barcelona, Spain, she finds the daily things in life to be the most interesting and meaningful. Read on below to find out more about Sira the maker behind FAROstore.

What do you make? What are you working on right now?

I'm a pattern maker that loves simple things. And daily things. And that's the reason I'm drawing and illustrating common objects patterns in walls, textiles, paper and kids stuff of all kind. Because the daily simple things doesn't means less, it usually means home. And it matters to all of us.

What are your favorite materials to work with and why?

Markers, pens and brushes! I love to use them in white walls, shop windows and also textiles! I usually work with stamps to print textiles, and I love the non perfect finishing, a bit worn... Actually I see printing possibilities in every surface that I look at!. And that's great but a bit worrying somehow...

What is the biggest artistic breakthrough that you’ve had recently?

When I discovered that people appreciate my patterns and they want to have it in their lives, because they are feeling good with it and they are feeling comfortable with all this simple and funny stuff that talks about them too.

Where are you from and has that played a part in your creative process?

I'm based in Gràcia, Barcelona, where I've grown up, that is kind of small village plenty of small shops and bars and also full of hipsters and trendy corners. But it preserves the essence of my childhood: small houses in a narrow streets, with a whole world inside, each one different and distinctive, so you must to be a good seeker to find the simple things that everyone recognize as itself. But a proper combination of items, makes you connect or tune to your memories, emotions and so on and thats the basis of my creative process.

What are you listening to?

James Vincent McMorrow. All the time. Actually addicted.

What is your design philosophy or a set of values that applies to your work?

If it’s not simple it's not THE thing. Simplicity (and draw about common objects) is important to me, because there’s lots of people making difficult and complex (and important!) stuff everywhere, and i’m not good at this. So if I want to tell something that matters, I’ve to balance to the other side! Actually, daily common objects are important to us, because talks about us in another sense, we usually react to them emotionally, direct to our feelings, connecting with our memories somehow, because daily objects are always there, like songs or smells, simply inevitable.

What is a typical day for you?

I've got my studio at home, so it’s important to me to schedule my day in order to avoid distractions. I've got my timetable, work rules and a proper space for work. But inspiration and ideas are out of this stuff. They don't know about schedules. So, I'm generally in constant disagreement with my timetable and my days are by now a mixture of work and creativity, sport, resting time, friends and home life, each day in different proportions.

If you could give another designer advice for success in running your own business what would it be?

I'm not in position to give success advices, I'm sorry, but I'm glad to receive any suggestions, comments and advices! Seriously, I'm just trying to go further everyday, following the planned path (kind of).

What does the future hold for you? Whats your next project? Where do you see yourself in 3-5 years?

Who knows. But I'm sure I'll be drawing stuff and if I’ll be very lucky if you'd recognize a bit of your daily life in my patterns and it makes you smile.


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