Introducing Skater: A Hip-pack and a Crossbody

I'm excited to introduce this new bag to the presale. Skater, a hip-pack and a crossbody, was designed for a busy person that has a strong desire to be hands-free. Whether you're traveling around the world to music festivals and can't be bothered with a purse or just running some errands around town, this multi-functional bag won't let you down. 

Skater was named after a friend mentioned needing a fanny pack and I started silently reminiscing about that one time when I had a hip-pack (we didn't call them fanny packs, we called them hip-packs). In the early 90s as a kid, I would pal around with my brother and his skateboarder friends. I remember I had this Vision Street Wear hip-pack (or was it Jimmy'z) that I absolutely loved. I thought it was so cool and I wore it everywhere. Being a 13 year old girl, I think it helped me feel like I had some street cred and fit in with the older skater dudes. I actually wish I still had that bag. It was pretty awesome, but I think Skater will be the perfect homage and stand-in. 

*Presale pricing ends, June 30. Sign up for the promo code and receive 25% off your order. 

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