An Upstate New York Long Weekend That Didn’t Disappoint

This past weekend I went upstate with my boyfriend and a few friends to celebrate the extra long weekend over the 4th of July.

We rented a cozy four-square style house with an inviting covered porch that was tucked away in a very green forest of trees.


The covered porch proved to be the perfect spot for some afternoon leathering on Saturday. I had already prepped a few new bag prototypes beforehand and enjoyed very much assembling and completing the stitching and strapping outdoors. Just a few more tweeks to go, but these simple leather satchels will be in the shop very soon.


The rest of the weekend was full of seeking out the best lakes and crystal clear creek swimming holes and we succeeded, finding 2 beautiful spots in the Catskills. The lake pictured below is Colgate Lake and it was a beautiful spot. Have you ever sat in an undisturbed wild flower field for a picnic between dips in the lake? I highly recommend it.


My leather Knocker Backpack was a key piece for the weekend. On the drive up, I used it to keep my car activities and snacks secure in the front seat. But it also came in handy to store lake essentials like a towel, sunscreen, snacks, drinks and sunnies.


On the last day, we walked across the street to the crystal clear creek that we could hear at night as we drifted off to sleep. While my bf did some fishing, I found a shallow spot to sit and do some middle of the creek sketching. It was a steep incline to get down to the creek so having a hands-free backpack like the Knocker Backpack was key.


Note to self: Pack a plastic ziplock bag to store the sketchbook in next time. I almost dropped it in the creek a few times as I was getting in and out!

Overall, it was another upstate weekend that did not disappoint. Hope you had a great 4th of July adventure as well.