Fil Au Chinois Pocket Calendar

While drafting an earlier post on my favorite historical tools/materials, I came across some articles on the famous French linen thread, Fil Au Chinois, which means Chinese thread, and some of the history behind this seemingly magical company, mainly in calendar form. 

The brand which has been in existence since 1847, each year would give the calendars to shopkeepers to hand out to their clientele. The oldest one here dates back to 1886, but there may be even older ones in existence. 

They stopped making the calendars around 1938. Too bad, they're so beautiful! I would love to know more about the art dept and the people who created these. It is so hard to choose, but I think 1891 might be my favorite.

Fil Au Chinois has been deemed an important part of French history and has since been revived and is currently reproduced by Toulemonde, a French thread company that has been around since 1903.